Here at DaVinci Foundation we have a passion for education in all forms.

From grade school students learning about their environment on a nature hike, to the underemployed upskilling in order to find work, to senior citizens discovering the power of the internet, education empowers people to take charge of their lives and make the world a better place for all of us.

The process of sparking curiosity is what leads to a lifelong love of learning and changes lives. Have you ever seen the face of a kid who finished not just a book, but the book, the book that opened their heart and mind to the wonders of literature and the power of words? Or seen the moon through a telescope for the first time, inspiring a fascination with the universe? Or watched a butterfly emerge from a chrysalis, waking the inner entomologist?

Education is the result of curiosity.

When we support the work of educating people in all spheres, we amplify that progress, igniting a cascading effect to ever greater success. The entire world is a classroom, where we learn lessons about ourselves and others, and where we begin to take ownership of our own lives, dreaming our own dreams and following our own paths to the future.

Unfortunately, finding the things that excite and enthrall us isn’t always easy.

Access to engaging education is often limited, especially for communities in depressed or distressed areas. Demographically, access to education has always been slanted towards the higher socio-economic levels of the population, and it is only since the evolution of the internet that a real democratization of education has become more than a concept, but there is still a great deal of work to do to even the playing field for everyone.

Today, education is truly available to anyone with an internet connection, but in underserved communities, even internet access is uneven and often unavailable. In addition, access to the internet is not a guarantee of higher education, any more than access to a grocery store is a guarantee that a shopper will buy vegetables rather than junk food. Engaging and enlightening content that will draw a learner in and inspire him or her to keep returning for more is key to developing the habit of learning that can make a real difference in that individual’s future.

That lack of guidance and engagement even in the face of a wealth of resources and access can mean that potential learners often slip through cracks that many of us aren’t even aware exist, and the digital divide between the happily curious and inquiring and those who, through no fault of their own, have never developed that curiosity and love of learning grows wider every day.

Addressing the imbalance is paramount.

Helping to provide not only access, but inspiration, materials and guidance, The DaVinci Foundation partners with and supports programs that endeavor to open the doors to a lifetime of learning for students of all ages. From up-skilling classes for seniors and veterans, to science and cultural programs for middle school and high school students, to online educational resource libraries for deep dives into subject matter that sparks a student’s interest, we strive to help children and adults in need not only find access to resources, but guidance in how to engage with and find value from them.

In these times, when the world is smaller and yet more challenging than it has ever been bofore, it is often overwhelming to consider tackling large goals or to have big dreams. However, if education has taught us anything, it is that one step, by one person, at one time, can ultimately change the world for the better.

Anyone can make a difference.

Maybe you’d like to help a student take a step towards his or her future by supporting the work we do. To make a donation or sponsor learners, schools or programs, please reach out to us and we’ll be glad to answer any questions or help you decide what best suits your own goals.

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