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Supporting a Better World Through Learning


Our Story

Like many organizations working for a cause today, the team here at The DaVinci Foundation is an eclectic, mixed bag of talent, passion and organization. Our people come from all over, and our interests and expertise are as varied as the environments and species we share the globe with, yet we all share a basic core belief. To us, the more access to education we all have, the better we manage our resources, protect our environments and nurture our incredible variety of life, and the better the future will be for each of us.

As a 501c3 charitable organization, our purpose is to promote participation in conservation, citizenship, community and sustainability throughout the world via education, and to help make a tangible difference by supporting educational aspects to conservation and sustainablilty initiatives from all over the globe that bring us closer to a better future for all.

We Support Digital and Offline Education Initiatives Globally for Exponential Impact

With the advent of ever-improving technology, we have more opportunities than ever before to expand the horizons of education. Easily accessible online education allows anyone with an internet connection to learn, explore, dream, invent, create, find new paths or revisit old ones. For those communities without consistent internet access, we support offline initiatives for enrichment and advanced education. Our goal in supporting digital education is to open doors to the potential we all share, inspire new scientists, new innovators and new explorers as we move into the future.


Join Us and Make A Difference

Join Us and Make A Difference

Our Mission & Approach

We’ve all heard “no man is an island” a million times, but it’s no less valid because we all know the axiom. The fact is, it’s more true today than ever, and for more than just individual interconnection. Non-profits everywhere are working toward a better tomorrow for all of us, and here at DaVinci we believe that cross-vertical, accessible education is at the heart of any successful future for us as a species.

We’re working for you – the communities, groups, classes and underserved populations that see and feel the lack of educational opportunities available or accessible to them. As a 501c3 charitable organization, we work to provide access, upskilling, STEM education, and more to anyone who has a desire or need to learn. Providing digital access to content, skills training and potential business or jobs, we aim to make the future brighter than the present for as many citizens of the world as possible.


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The DaVinci Foundation for Innovative Education Inc is a registered 501c3 charitable organization. For more information on donating financially or through in-kind support, please contact us by phone or email anytime.