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2022 – 2023 Programs


2022 – 2023 ENRICHMENT:

Online and Offline Learning Programs

While the internet today is one of the greatest resources on the planet, providing anyone with access a myriad of ways to improve their lives, many children do not have regular access with which to take advantage of the power of learning online.  Through online classes and offline enrichment programs in STEM, social sciences, financial literacy and much more, The DaVinci Foundation for Innovative Education is committed to bringing essential learning to communities and groups in need.

We partner with a number of learning resource providers to make programs available to all children, regardless of means.

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2022 – 2023 SENIOR SUPPORT:

Opening Doors for Seniors

People are living longer, healthier lives than ever today, and looking for knoiwledge and opportunities at much later stages of life than ever before. Many of the best opportunities and resources available to our seniors revolve around digital skills, which are too often underdeveloped in this group. We’re working to bring new options to senior citizens at community centers as well as other venues around the country.


Up-Skilling is the New Normal

The unthinkable has happened in 2020, and tens of thousands of people in communities across the world have lost jobs, income, and in many cases hope for a normal life again. While there is no single solution for returning to life before the pandemic, we do know that having the skills necessary to look at work in a new way, or to find work from a completely new avenue, can make a world of difference to each of us. 

Our entrepreneur programs provide anyone needing assistance the opportunity to learn  the basic digital skills required to start or expand their own expertise into a small business of their own,  while also increasing students’ confidence in their own ability to adapt and overcome.


Support New Paths for HomeWorkers

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The DaVinci Foundation for Innovative Education Inc is a registered 501c3 charitable organization. For more information on donating financially or through in-kind support, please contact us by phone or email anytime.